How it all started

From an intimate project to a masterpiece

The vision of the revolutionary e-bike

What began as a vision in the minds of the Rath brothers, Michael and Tomy, was translated into "Geero" after over a year of designing, tinkering, developing, prototyping and evolving. The result was a sophisticated and well-thought-out bike that, thanks to its sophisticated design, represented the next step in the e-bike evolution and was and still is unbeatable in terms of price and visual appeal. In 2016, Geero launched the "original" diamond frame version in black and beige and immediately found fans!

Ongoing new models

Since the launch in 2016, the e-bikes have been continuously improved and the range adapted to the different needs of the target groups - the feedback from existing customers, but also the wishes of the interested parties flowed into further development of the range from the beginning. In 2017, the Geero selection was extended by the much-anticipated low step version and a larger diamond frame. In addition, a comfortable city version and an ergonomic touring version have been added to the product range since then.

Show your e-bikes

With the increasing demand for the bikes, but also after appropriate test facilities, a vacant business premises in the center of Graz was rented in 2018 and opened as an exhibition space. Small repairs, orders, but also service inquiries are handled in the approximately 80 m2 Geero Showroom at Reitschulgasse 5. Personal advice and specialist information included. And of course, all Geero models can be tested to your heart's content for free.

Again in 2019

What began as an intimate project in 2016 in Styria has meanwhile gained international fame and name. Geero has conquered new markets and continuously expanded its network of partners. Since the beginning of April 2019, there has also been the opportunity to test Geero at more than 20 locations in Austria and Germany. Our trained brand ambassadors in or around metropolitan areas make their Geero e-bike available to you free of charge and without obligation and answer questions about Geero.