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  • Which company manufactures the motor?

    This is a BOS motor, whereby the a few of our own components have been used.
    It has been tried and tested on our other e-bikes over the last 5 years.

    The motor has the following features:

    • simplicity
    • free-wheeling
    • soft as a whisper
    • internal planetary gearing with a high transmission ratio to increase the effectiveness at average speeds
    • very rapid response due to high transmission

    Some existing motor components have been adapted. The free-wheeling clutch system and planetary gearing was designed anew.

  • Is the handlebar / saddle vertically adjustable?

    The current head tube (the component that holds the handlebar is not adjustable)

    The seat post is 27 cm (the length of the inner tube) i.e. 30 cm in length (when measuring the full distance to the seat). The maximum protrusion is 20 cm, i.e. 23 cm respectively. If this does not suffice, we are able to offer a seat post of 40 cm in length for taller cyclists, which has a maximum protrusion of 30 cm i.e. 33 cm respectively. 

  • Why is the battery not removable?

    Removable batteries would have required a different approach in regard to the structure of the frame, working with open sections and the installation of various mechanisms. This would result in a bike that weighs more than 20 kilograms. 

    With Geero we focused on two factors: 

    • weight saving 
    • simplicity of its visual appearance and the technology used

    A fixed battery was the only possibly in achieving these goals. 

    Geero's center of mass (located at the top tube, approximately 15 cm away from its seat post) allows for easy handling, whereby the bike can be placed on one's shoulders and carried. Place one hand on the handlebar grip to stabilize the bike. Its weight allows you to carry Geero up several flights of stair without it being strenuous. 

  • Is it possible to charge the Geero when cycling downhill?

    No, it is not possible to charge the Geero when cycling downhill.

    Technically, it would be easily implemented when the motor and wheel are constantly connected whereby the motor also acts as a generator. The disadvantage is that the bike would prove difficult to pedal without battery assist. In practice, the effectiveness of recovery is very minimal due to the bike's low mass. 

    We wanted Geero to function much like a normal bike without motor assist and thus a special free-wheel technology and powerful battery have been integrated. Bottom line: Geero will get you farther with little energy consumed. 

  • Are different frame sizes available?

    Unfortunately, no. Currently only offer the 54 cm frame size (exact dimensions are available as a PDF file on the e-bike description page). For the upcoming year, we are planning to make different frame sizes available. 

  • Is there a 0/1 (on / off) switch for the motor assist?

    The motor assist can be found on the handlebar for easy setting comfort. Choose between 0, 1, 2 ,3 levels (settings). One push of the button with deactivate the motor assist. 

  • How stable is the Geero system?

    Geero might be an absolutely new product, however, it has taken 7 years' of experience to complete. 

    The motor, also known as BOS (Bikee Open Speed) has been used successfully over the passed 3 years in conjunction with other models. The controller was tested over a time period of 9 months. We have test bikes that have more than 4 500 km on the clock. 

    The Geero system is a simple and very reliable system!

  • Can the rear wheel be removed easily?

    Yes, the rear wheel can by easily removed (similar to regular bikes) by loosening the screws and detaching the plug (a bit problematic since the plugs are waterproof) .

  • Light, Reflectors & Co.

    All Geero e-bikes come with road traffic regulation kits

    Scope of delivery 

    • Rear reflector (for mounting on the seat tube)
    • Front reflector (to be mounted on the handlebar)
    • 4 x side reflectors for the spokes
    • A bell
    • The pedals come with integrated reflectors!

    A light must be purchased separately. Any commercially available battery-operated lights are compatible with Geero.

  • How must the battery be stored to ensure maximum longevity?

    When Geero has not been used for more than a week, the main switch (located next to the power jack at the bottom bracket) should be switched off! This will completely disconnect the battery and electronics from the system, thus minimizing the self-discharge. The battery should not be completely flat when Geero is stored away for longer than a week (during winter for instance). The battery charging level displayed should range between at least 2 or preferably 3 bars! Charge the battery every 2 months for approximately 30 minutes. This is a rule of thumb that works perfectly. The battery lasts the longest when stored at a medium charge state. When the battery is completely flat it may result in a depth discharge whereas storing it fully charged can wear it out! Do not store your Geero or battery in a damp place - the ideal room temperature should range between 10°C and 30 °C.

  • The battery is not performing optimally.

    Lithium batteries display a reduction in performance overtime. This is a normal degradation process. If the battery shows more than a 70% reduction in its performance, please return it to our warehouse where it will be tested and observations thereof recorded. Thus the residual capacity and usage patterns can be determined. You will receive a new battery if this falls within the warranty period. If the battery has been incorrectly handled (as described in the instruction manual), it does not fall under our warranty conditions. The battery can be refreshed at a cost of approximately €80. This will improve its performance. 

  • Motor assist failure. What can I do?

    1. Turn your Geero off and then on again.
    2. Check if the display lights up (battery level, motor assistance level on)
    3. If not, check whether the main switch (in front of the bottom bracket below) is switched ON. Turn the switch off and on again.
    4. Check if the battery indicates more than one bar.
    5. Check whether the motor or display cable is connected properly.
    6. If the problem still persists, please contact us for regarding further instructions or return your Geero to our warehouse.  
  • Why is the motor throttled?

    The road traffic regulation in most European countries is limited to 25 km/h. Vehicles that can drive faster, require number plate, i.e. must be registered. In some countries a helmet is compulsory. 

  • Can one override the motor throttle?

    The motor throttle can not be overridden by the end customer because it is software-controlled. 

  • Is the Geero delivered assembled or as separate parts? Is an instruction manual included?

    Each Geero is assembled, test driven for approximately 1 km and the settings adjusted (brakes and gears). For delivery purposes, the handlebar, saddle, pedals and front wheel are dissembled. Geero is easily reassembled within 10 minutes and ready for a spin. 

    The necessary tools are included in the scope of delivery. A instruction manual is included that will assist you with the assembly process. The instruction manual also includes useful tips around Geero's maintenance. Should you require any further assistance please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team. 

  • Does the battery come with a warranty? If so, what is the period of validity?

    The statutory warranty period applies to the battery warranty. 

  • Does the frame come with a warranty? If so, what is its duration?

    The fame has a warranty of 5 years if it has been used appropriately. 

  • What kind of gears does Geero use? Are different models available?

    The standard gears for the Classic and City model are a 9-speed Shimano Sora. It is a plugged 9-speed cassette - 11-32T ratio (32, 28, 24, 21, 18, 16, 14, 12, 11). The Touring model has 11 gears.

    The SRAM NX gears 11-42 (11,13,15,17,19,22,25,28,32,36,42) offer more range when switching.

  • Is the quick-charger included?


  • How do I get my hands on Geero spare part?

    The spare parts are available at the Geero shop! All spare parts are readily available and we offer the necessary assistance when required!

  • How long does the battery last?

    When handled with care, the battery lasts between 5 and 8 years. 

  • Are the tools included for dimounting the battery or does the process require special tools?

    All the necessary tools are included in the scope of delivery. You will, however, also need a Philipps screwdriver.

  • Does the battery catch fire when defective?

    No! The battery cells used are manufactured by Panasonic and have diverse protection functions installed. 

  • How far can I travel on a single charge?

    The battery with last on average for about 85 km. With optimum use it may last for up to 125 km.

  • How long does it take to charge the battery?

    Charging the battery takes 3 hours.

  • How is the motor is triggered?

    When you pedal, the motor is triggered automatically! The motor assist settings can be adjusted on the display. Motor assist is disabled when you stop pedaling. The motor assist can be deactivated entirely. 

  • At what speed does the bike reach when motor assist is activated?

    25 km/h (throttled)

  • What is a watt-hour (Wh)?

    Wh is the unit that represents the measurement of electrical energy equivalent to 1 hour. 

    V * Ah - Wh (Volt * Amp-hour = Watt-hours). 

    Geero: 40 V * 10.5 Ah = 420 Wh.

  • What is a "stem fixie"?

    This is a term that was created by us. "Stem" refers to the stem of the bike whereas "fixie" refers to a good old, simple bike that you'll see driving around town. 

  • What does "single speed" refer to?

    "Single speed" means that only one gear is present in the rear of the e-bike. Geero has 9 gears incorporated into the standard model.

  • What is Sine-Wave technology?

    The controller, that is built into the seat post and triggers the motor, sends a sinusoidial signal. It matches the characteristic of the motor perfectly. The result is a motor that is quiet as a whisper in all regions of rotation and cycling levels. 

  • Where the frame is made?

    For the production of our frames we entrust frame producers around the world (preferably Italy and the Czech Republic for paint work). The selection is made according to the individual production batches, manufacturing capabilities, price and especially availability in a timely manner. 

  • Seat post

    The seat post was made by Promax for Geero. Length: 224mm, diameter: 28.6 mm.

  • Saddle

    The saddle stems from Velo and consists of synthetic leather. (Length: 300 mm, diameter: 28.6 mm)

  • Brakes

    The brakes are manufactured by Promax and does not include any logos etc. Geero also comes with cable channels and corresponding slots (frame / fork) for mounting a hydraulic disc brake.

  • Wheel Rim Specifications

    Double-walled, CNC, 28 "(700C x 32C), height: 32mm, classification: MTSC32B

  • What size are the tyres?

    The tyres are 28 inches in size with a road tread of 1.25. The frame and fork are designed for tyre circumferences of between 28C and 32C.

  • What should one consider when the e-bike has not been used for a long time (i.e. during winter)?

    Do not store Geero for longer than a week when the battery is completely flat. For safety reasons, connect the battery every two months and charge for 30 minutes. 

  • How much does Geero weigh?

    It depends on the model. When equipped with a small battery and a single speed mechanism, Geero weighs 13.7 kg. 

    The current version with 420Wh Pannasonic battery and Shimano Sora gears (9 gears) the total weight amounts to 15.6 kg.

  • How do I go about repairing or replacing a Geero component?

    Repairs and replacement work can be executed by the consumer. Our Customer Support Team will provide you with the necessary instructions. The Geero can also be returned to our warehouse if you prefer not to perform any of the repair or replacement work by yourself. If the original packaging was disposed of, we would be happy to send you a new packaging at a small fee. 

  • Where can I get repairs done? Are any special service centers available for Geero?

    Many of the components can be repaired at any bike shop. The electronics service are executed by us. Simply contact our Customer Service Team and send your Geero to our warehouse for electronic repairs. 

  • Is Geero rainproof?

    Yes, Geero is rainproof. Cleaning the Geero with a high-pressure cleaner may prove problematic. For safety reasons, we advise to not direct the stream of water on the motor or electronic region. 

  • What is Geero's maximum carrying capacity?

    Geero has been tested to carry a weight of up to 100 kg. We cannot take responsibility when the number exceeds 100 kg. 

  • Is it possible to execute a Geero service by oneself?

    Geero is one of the only e-bikes on the market that allows for easy service. A plug board is located on the bottom bracket (where the battery can be removed). The electronics merge at this point. If needed, the service can be executed in this area. Please contact our Customer Service Team for more detailed instructions. 

    A thought-after and simple service system has ensured extremely great reliability. Everything whether it be the plugs, length of the cables, positioning or access area have been carefully thought-out. Seven years of experience in the development and service of various electric bicycles and numerous models were needed to understand the complexities and challenges in order to create the Geero service system. 

  • What's so special about the Geero's electrical system?

    When designing the Geero electrical system it was of utmost importance to emphasize its reliability. Therefore the number of plugs, long cables, etc were reduced to a minimum. All excess connections and components with a risk of failure were excluded where possible. 

    All the wires connected to the electrical system as a whole merge at the bottom bracket, which simplifies the technological procedure and maintenance if needed. 

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